New Construction


Our Professionals design and build quality in-ground pools and spas customized to your specifications.

Of all the improvements you can make to your home, a swimming pool is probably the most dramatic. Your pool or spa can provide vigorous exercise, physical therapy, relaxation and mental fitness. It’s a personal expression of who you are and how you live your life!

Take the plunge!


Does your pool look worn or tired? Do you see unsightly stains or delaminating plaster?


Ask the pool doctors to give your pool a FACELIFT!

Before applying new gem to your pool the shell is water washed to remove any soft or loose material. The walls and floor are checked for water leaks, and any suspect areas are waterproofed. Skimmers, main drain, lights, and return fittings are sealed with hydraulic cement to prevent water loss. A bonding agent is applied to ensure the best chemical and mechanical adherence of the new plaster. Experts trowel on an aggregate-based gem pebble finish, and the pool is given a light acid wash to expose the aggregate. Finally, the pool is refilled and chemically balanced.

Our pool specialists also check for leaks, install new waterline tile, update your lighting fixtures, and examine equipment and pool plumbing.

Add Years to the Life of Your Pool and Life to Your Leisure Years!


There are endless possibilities for embellishing your pool or backyard environment. A water feature allows you to enjoy the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. Brilliance and night sizzle can be added using various fire features.

Tile Distributors

Whether you need a remodel or want a new pool, be sure to visit our tile distributors at NPT, Luv Tile, Lauderdale Tile and USA Marble. 

Or stop by our showroom from 9-4, M-F!


Enhance and Elevate the Beauty of Your Home.

Concrete, man-made, and natural pavers add beauty, value, and timeless appeal to any home. Unlike rigid pavement, pavers can be installed in a variety of shapes and patterns to create attractive patios, driveways, or walkways. Pavers are a GREAT fix for refinishing older surfaces that have cracked or settled…Thin enough to be installed directly over existing concrete…Beautiful enough to transform any paved area from so-so to stunning!

Choose from Brick, Myra, Shellock or Travertine.